Wednesday, April 6, 2011

the Give and Take of it all.

The title of this blog is: The Princess & and the Pastor. These are two very strong parts of how we find our identities (we'll let you guess who is who). As you may imagine, these two identities are not always the easiest of matches. So, this first post is really just an introduction of sorts.

For the past five years we have moved more times than we care to count...

Washington to North Dakota to Minnesota and now to Oregon!
That takes a lot of flexibility, perseverance, loyalty, humor, hard work and above

So, what does it mean for a princess and a pastor to be journeying the road together?

For the Princess it means...
  • we have to get up early on Sunday mornings
  • being exposed to many different Sunday Schools and loving each one
  • sitting alone in church sometimes
  • having over a dozen children's Bibles
  • when the Princess is lost in imaginary play, sometimes that play involves preaching and presiding
  • being a part of communities that love and care for you, even when you're shy or crabby or thrown major temper tantrums during the offering
  • going to class with the Pastor, getting doted on my her classmates and hearing her professor use 4 letter words in lecture (and then apologizing to the princess after)
  • family is a gift, and family goes way beyond blood lines.

For the Pastor it means...
  • seeing all the Disney movies at least ten times and knowing each princess by their names, dress color and love interest
  • being out accessorized by the Princess
  • finding that making castles in the living room really is more important that studying
  • experiencing "faith like a child"...every day, all day
  • the Princess will prance and dance anywhere; even rehearsals, lectures, sanctuaries and funeral homes
  • Saturday mornings at home with the Princess are as sacred as any other time or day
  • relearning its okay to dream and wonder
  • family is a gift, and family goes way beyond blood lines.
Stayed tuned to hear how the packing up for the Princess and the Pastor goes. One of us will need to make the heartwrenching choice of how many dolls and dress-up clothes can really fit the in the suitcase. The other will need to anguish over how many Biblical commentaries the car can actually carry.


  1. Love this!!! I can't wait to hear about (and maybe be part of in a small way?) your next adventure. I love you two!!!!

  2. This is great Elizabeth! Thank you so much for sharing. It will be hard to see all of our friends go elsewhere this next year but I suppose we will be going to be there a year from now. Hope it is an experience to remember on a positive note and Micaela adjusts well. Will keep an eye on you!

  3. Okay, this is such a wonderful way to keep up with you.........on yet another move.........can't wait to see you in July.......enjoy every moment of your newest adventure and we will read along with you.
    Love to you both,

  4. Elizabeth,

    Thanks for providing these updates to your life. I look forward to hearing from you now and again! (I've now subscribed to your blog in my Google reader)


  5. fantastic.
    you are such a great writer too :)
    can't wait to read more!